OurDictionary, your own company term bank

“How did we translate this word in the past?”


Whilst others are searching the internet for a suitable solution, you have already managed to find the right term – saved in OurDictionary, your own company terminology bank!


OurDictionary is a term bank or glossary that stores your own corporate terminology instead of you having to look for translations for terms on the internet. In this way your create a terminology knowledge base that has the added value of empowering your staff with the terminology chosen by your company in a dictionary suited to your company’s corporate image..

Using OurDictionary, international corporations are able to control the language used for the products and services. It is an ideal way of increasing the professionalism of your translated documentation. It also provides your translation services with a glossary that will not only increase the quality of your translations, it will also lead to higher discounts.

OurDictionary offers:

Your staff will profit:

Your company will profit:

Your translators will profit:

Your marketing department will profit:

Long-term savings for your company:

As previously translated texts are heavily discounted by translation agencies, you will soon save the costs spent on OurDictionary and will save money on all future translation

And it is secure:

Full support for your translations:

On request we can provide you with support for all your corporate translation needs

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